S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Management and Recovery Training)

We have a SMART license which allows us to run groups and train people as SMART facilitators. SMART is a Mutual Aid, peer-led group that supports people to explore, learn new tools and techniques to help them overcome or, at least manage their addictive behaviors. Anyone over the age of 18 can access this group and we have two SMART groups a week. The Friday group averages about 12 people who attend. The Wednesday group is done as part of the ‘Moving Forward Project’ and this averages about 6.

The Friday group is probably one of the most diverse groups in Portsmouth due to it being peer-led and the philosophy of SMART is that if you choose to pursue an addictive lifestyle, you can choose to stop it. This is probably part of its appeal as it offers an alternative to the disease model of addiction (Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous et al) that says that you are powerless over addiction. People benefit from attending this group by reinforcing their own sense of personal responsibility.

Self Management and Recovery Training

  • Do you want a simple, common sense approach to recovery?
  • Do you want to learn how to better manage destructive thoughts, feelings and behaviour?
  • Do you want to take control of you recovery?
  • Do you need support in helping friends and family in their recovery?
  • Do you want to use scientifically proven tools and techniques to help you in your recovery?
  • Would you like to help others with their recovery?
  • Do you want to get on with the rest of your life and not have to remind yourself what you did every day?

We hold a SMART group every Wednesday and Friday 2 – 3.30 at the PUSH forum above the Central library in the Guildhall Square.

For more information please contact

  • Tamsyn 07590 864138
  • Jamie 07590 864137
  • email info@smartrecovery.org.uk
  • www.smartrecovery.org.uk


Women’s SMART group

Womens GroupMonday’s 10.30am – 12pm at our other offices at 67 Kingston Road, Portsmouth, PO2 7DX

This is a peer-led SMART group for women only. A safe, supportive place where women can talk freely and explore their issues without men being there.


Men’s Own

Wednesday’s 6.30pm – 8pm at 67 Kingston Road

A peer-led group for men only with open discussion about any topic or issue that men feel comfortable to explore.


Drop-In Advocacy and Support

Smart Recovery

Friday’s at the Library 11.30am – 1.30pm

Advocacy and peer-support with a light lunch. Ideal for the homeless but anyone can attend. A great place for people to come and access some friendly supportive chat. This is also a good place to come with any advocacy issues you may have around housing, access to services, benefits etc or just finding out a bit more of what’s available at Pushing Change or the wider recovery community and Portsmouth in general.


Moving Forward Project

12pm – 3.30pm at the Library

The moving forward project was originally set up by PUSHING CHANGE, delivering SMART groups in Winchester prison and the community, engaging and creating clear pathways for people from prison to community. The group aims itself at people who have experience of the criminal justice system and addiction and would like to ‘Move Forward’ with their lives and break this cycle.

This group has a SMART group as well from 12.30pm – 2pm with a lunch after followed by discussions, activities etc.

The prison groups are now provided by SSJ employing two former PUSHING CHANGE members running groups in the prison and in partnership with PUSHing Change and probation.



12.30pm – 1.30pm at the Café in the Park (Victoria park)

This is also a peer support group for people wishing to engage more in activities in the wider community. This could be anything from going to the theatre, comedy nights or organising a picnic. It’s ideal for people who may exclude themselves from ‘going out’ due to inhibitions.


Opiate Reduction Group

Monday’s, Wednesday’s, Thursday’s and Friday’s at 67 Kingston road, 12pm -2pm (with a physical activity such as Kayaking, Archery, etc provided on a Tuesday by Re-Start)

This is a peer-led group for those wishing to reduce and eventually be free of their 0piate substitution prescription. It is a community based group where people can come and explore the barriers, hopes and aspirations surrounding the use of an Opiate substitution prescription.

Becoming independent of a prescription for Methadone, Buprenorphine, Subutex or Suboxone can be a daunting prospect – but not impossible! Often, people have reduced and detoxed themselves previously and would like to do so again. This group provides a safe and supportive culture which embraces people’s experiences, knowledge and motivation to support each other to become free of their prescriptions.


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