Our Recovery Brokers are a fantastic asset to the city of Portsmouth. They are people who have experience of substance misuse either as a user or as a parent, partner or friend of a substance user.

All our Recovery Brokers will have completed at a minimum a Level 1 Certificate in Working with Addiction and Recovery. This qualification can be taken up to a Level 3. We at PUSH provide this course ourselves and it is highly valued. Go here for further details.

Finton Hayes the regional manager of the National Treatment Agency (NTA) presented awards for our 2012 cohort and said ¬†“We in the South East are very proud of the city of Portsmouth, where so much has been achieved by the recovery community.”

Danny Sullivan

Danny Sullivan, the manager of the service, attended a NTA meeting earlier that year to talk about the course and the work of the Portsmouth Recovery Brokers.  Finton Hayes said that this was the most talked about presentation of the year.

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